Website Content Writing

Make Your Online Presence Count — Hire a Professional Web Content Writer

“Say it Fast, Say it Well” is the motto of many professional web content writers. After all, the average attention span for internet readers hovers around 4.4 seconds. In a marketplace saturated with content, it’s imperative that writers capture their reader’s attention immediately and hold it through innovative, thought-provoking information.

Doing so is no easy task.

That’s why it’s important to hire highly trained and qualified writers to craft fully customized copy for your website. On the Verge Writing provides content that is:

Keep Visitors Coming Back With Relevant, Engaging Copy

The majority of website visitors scan through content as opposed to reading it line by line. Sylvia LeRahl is well-versed in online reading habits and is an expert at keeping the structure and format of the articles, blogs or webpages such that online readers find it easy to scan through them. She delivers content that readers find engaging, relevant, easily comprehensible and in line with your highest expectations.

Post SEO Rich Content

If you crave a rich online presence, there’s no way around it: You need content tailored to search engine optimization. When it comes to SEO, content rules. Having the right words in the right place can lead to tremendous exposure on the internet. On the Verge Writing specializes in creating content that is SEO-optimized so that your website garners maximum online exposure. What’s more, we offer affordable solutions that fit into nearly every budget.