The Key to a Successful Blog is Continuous Improvement

By Sylvia LeRahl | Blog

May 16

Blogging presents a great way to engage your literary muse. As the writer of a blog, you can cover many topics and reach large audiences with your opinions. Stagnant blogs, however, won’t amass a significant readership. Don’t start coasting with your blog. Make a sincere commitment to continuous improvement. In this way, the blog keeps delivering value to the readers and receiving positive attention. Here are some points to think about if you want to improve your blog.

Stop Making Excuses

“I’m too busy to switch things up.” “Everything I did in the past worked, so why change it?” “I have my own way of doing things.”

Excuses like these won’t lead to any improvements. Instead, you’ll convince yourself to stay in the same rut, on a path that now trends downward. Rather than make excuses, look closely at your blog and think about the areas in which it could improve. Justifications such as these divert you from doing the right thing. Break out of this habit right away.

If you find yourself making excuses, you probably know deep inside that something is wrong. These signs should prompt you toward making necessary changes.

Let Your Creativity Guide You

Bloggers generally benefit from reading advice on how to improve their writing. Successful formulas do exist. However, when you become too reliant on generic methods, they become drawbacks. You may find yourself following a “how to” map that stifles your own creativity. Formula-driven blogs aren’t always interesting to read.

Try to experiment a little with your writing. Think about ways to set your blog apart from others. Ask more experienced bloggers for advice. This might extend to the layout and design. Allow your creativity to guide decisions into new paths — maybe this means hiring some external writing help. Whatever it takes, your blog has the potential to become something exceptional.

Remember: Continuous Improvement Means That You Are Never “Done”

No endpoint exists when your goal is continuous improvement. Once you believe you don’t need to do anything new or you feel further progress isn’t necessary, the blog might start slipping back down the path to stagnation. If you feel you’ve reached an endpoint in your journey, then it’s time to rethink your path. Something isn’t right, and it could get worse.

Sometimes, people feel “done” because they can’t see anything from a different angle. Ask other people for their opinions on your blog. Their insights could help send you in a completely new direction.

You wish to produce something of value with your blog, and you want to receive positive reactions from your readers. Continually improving your technique and material is the key to both these goals.


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