SEO Content Writing

Grow Organic Traffic With SEO Optimization

SEO writing centers around giving shape to a digital image. Aimed at a specific audience, it plays an integral role in capturing website traffic and exposure, and is a necessity for any serious business owner or blogger.

Why Having a Professional SEO Writer is Necessary

There’s no other way to say it: SEO is all about the content. Whether it’s by crafting the right keyword density in a seamless manner or utilizing SEO techniques like social media and article marketing, an SEO writing service plays an integral role in website promotion.

With On the Verge Writing, you are assured of engaging, thoroughly researched content that is keyword optimized and helps your website’s exposure. With Google’s recent Hummingbird update, there’s an increasing emphasis on content that is original, qualitative, and flawlessly incorporates keywords.

Article Rewriting and Spinning

Any effective SEO strategy focuses on content distribution and promotion through article marketing or other means. This is one of the most effective ways of getting inbound links, and thereby higher search engine rankings.

However, most search engines now suppress any content that they recognize as duplicated, which means that distributing the same article to multiple sites or directories is no longer advantageous. This is where article rewriting and article spinning becomes relevant. Creating new content or articles all the time for marketing can be time consuming and expensive. Instead, you can easily get your articles written in multiple versions, all substantially different from one another but conveying the same key points, and distribute them without having to worry about duplication. This can save you a considerable time and money.

On the Verge Writing generates all types of article rewriting and article spinning services, ranging from phrase/sentence rewriting in spin syntax (with multiple levels of nesting) to full article rewriting multiple times. We can also customize a rewriting assignment according to your requirements – in terms of output format, keyword locations and density, or writing style.

Please note: This is NOT the same as plagiarism. It is rewriting an article that you already have the rights to so that you can duplicate the same message to gain keyword hits.