Press Release Writing

Unveil the Power of Online Media with a Powerful Press Release

The obituary was written for the press release in 2013. With a change in Google’s algorithm, many people said goodbye to the once-popular marketing tactic.

That was their mistake.

The once-thriving press release has again proven to boost business, reputations, and ever-important credibility.

Credibility is a goal for all businesses in an effort to win the confidence and trust of the customers they serve. A writing service that provides well-written and convincing press releases is a formidable tool in your arsenal. Effective press releases can boost customer confidence, dramatically skyrocket sales, broadcast your brand and business to the target segment, and build your business image.

Unfortunately, most of the press releases written by amateur writing services are doomed by a lack of genuine journalistic tone. As such, they fail to deliver desired results. With On the Verge press release writing services, you can effectively address the target readers with relevant and informative content. Through carefully crafted press releases, I know how to make busy editors, reporters, and customers take notice of your business.

I can help you tremendously to maximize your PR resources and time by transforming your raw thoughts, data, and expertise into expert-level, media-ready prose. Through my quality driven press releases, you can very quickly drive highly valuable conversion traffic to your website, appear in leading news sources across the web, and find yourself with higher rankings among search engines.

What you get with every press release

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