5 Copywriting Techniques Your Blog Needs Today

By Sylvia LeRahl | Blog

Nov 06
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Creating a blog is one of the best ways to project your voice while appealing to readers around the world. Before you begin sharing content, it’s essential to understand the differences between print writing and online writing. Only then can you truly succeed at launching a blog and generating content for your intended audience.

Online Writing vs. Print Media

online writing

Online writing is vastly different from print media. Both mediums have their advantages, as explained by Newstyle Media: “Digital is the latest way to reach new and existing customers, and print ads in magazines are still a viable option.”

Print media is often highly journalistic and requires in-depth reporting and fact-checking for each published piece. It comes out on a regular schedule, has limited readership, and tends to be read all the way through.

Online writing, on the other hand, provides more freedom and flexibility. It allows you to share personal opinions and thoughts with each new piece of content you post, and it tends to be designed for faster reading. This is especially true if you’re in a high-value market, such as a membership site business.

Whether you prefer writing articles on the latest news stories or you want to share original stories with your fans, the sky’s the limit when launching a blog.

Get to Know Your Audience

online writing

Getting to know your audience is essential when you begin a blog. Consider the type of people you want to reach, as well as their age, interests, and even their location. Maryville University teaches that “the key is to know your audience and its likes, and to tailor your writing style to your audience… The expectations of an online reader are far different from those of someone accustomed to reading print publications.”

The more familiar you become with your target audience, the easier it is to generate relevant content that truly resonates with them, keeping them coming back for more.

Use Your Own, Unique Voice

online writing

Choose a voice for your blog that is uniquely your own. Steer clear of copying the format and wording of other blogs. Users are likely to find such copying less authentic. When you keep your thoughts and voice consistent, you’ll create a following that’s sincere. It’ll want to see you continue to succeed with your blogging venture.

Set Goals for Your Content

online writing

Set goals for each piece of content you create. Create outlines and consider the emotions you want each article to evoke. Spend time brainstorming each blog entry you plan to make sure it fits with your real thoughts and opinions on the subject matter.

SEO Matters

Keep SEO in mind when launching a blog or official website of your own. Learn the basics of SEO (search engine optimization). That includes implementing proper subject lines, headers, and keywords to outperform your competition in top search engine results.

You would be surprised by just how critical proper SEO writing techniques can be when putting out online content. If it’s not optimized, it might never be seen by your target audience. Fortunately, our team at On the Verge Writing offers SEO writing services. Consider them when crafting your dream blog. We’ll make sure you get noticed.

When you understand the differences between print and online media, you can start a blog that’s easy to read and well-liked by your followers. The more time you spend on crafting a unique voice and viewpoint, the easier it is to appeal to your target audience while maximizing your reach online.


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