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Sep 22
SEO copywriting

There are countless SEO copywriting services available to choose from. To be frank, the majority of them are a waste of time and money for the eager business owner. Before tossing your money at inexperienced copywriters who think SEO optimization means inserting random phrases here and there, it pays to be informed about what constitutes effective SEO copywriting.

Keep in mind that SEO is an investment – a means of increasing traffic, leads, and ultimately improving profits. Copywriting is like most services: If you pay a little more upfront, you’ll likely more than triple your desired results. Here’s what to look for when choosing an SEO copywriter:

Effective Copywriters Understand Your Audience

Sure, many freelance writers aced Poetry 101 and know how to transform the word ‘horizon’ into ‘The sky is a somber gray except for the stretch of salmon pink that lingers over the mountains. The muted tones pierce the bottom of the skyline with a jagged edge, whereas the clouds above soothe it with charcoal swirls.”

That said do you really want your content marketing to be filled with hyperbole? Effective content writers know what language to use (and what to avoid) depending on your audience. We can wow your demographic with simplicity, complexity, or a fusion of both depending on the need.

Effective Copywriters Focus on the People First, Search Engines Second

Oh, how seductive the promise of SEO-optimization can be! Upon discovering the art of SEO, too many amateur writers and business owners overlook one common aspect: Search engines don’t buy stuff; people do. There’s zero point in creating content that is filled with all the right keywords yet doesn’t motivate people to enter their credit card digits.

By focusing on people in addition to SEO, a skilled copywriter not only draws visitors into a website, but also turns them into conversions. Consider the alternatives: few visitors or a ton of visitors that quickly hop away. Hmm…

Reap the Benefits of Amaaazing SEO

With the right SEO approach, you not only wrangle in more visitors, but you also turn them into paying customers. Two birds with one stone, yeah?

Don’t settle for sub-par content. Generate the returns you’ve dreamed of by hiring a skilled content marketer that takes your conversions to the next level. Learn why copywriting matters and more about the copywriting services that On the Verge Writing provides by sending an inquiry to


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