Must-Have Content Pieces for a High-Traffic Blog

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Jul 19

In order to build a successful blog, it’s essential that you continuously publish great content. But it’s also important that you publish different types of content to keep your audience engaged. If you just post the same kind of content over and over, your readers will start to predict what you’ll post and may lose interest. Publishing a variety of content appeals to different types of people, as some may prefer visually-oriented content over text-based content.

Here are some of the must-have content pieces you need for a high traffic blog:

How-to Guides and Tutorials

This is the most basic kind of content but also the most proven. Most people naturally go online to look for how to information. That’s why providing your readers with how to content about your topic is a great way to keep them engaged and attract new visitors to your blog.

The key to making great how-to guides is to start by figuring out what kind of information your audience often searches for. But don’t limit yourself to these topics. Come up with how to information that’s related to what your readers are interested in but may not necessarily be on the top of their heads. Need examples? Look no further:


The listicle is another type of popular content that people can’t get enough of. The reason why content based on a “top list of x” appeals to readers and attracts visitors is that it gets to the point. It offers value, presents it in an orderly fashion, and is concise.

You can see many examples of top lists done by businesses and prominent publications:


People are always looking for a trusted authority or expert to help guide their purchase decisions. That’s why reviews are still one of the most popular forms of content you can publish on your blog. To make reviews work, you have to make sure that it is unbiased analysis or it will look like a blatant attempt to make a quick buck off your recommendations.

There are different types of reviews you can do as well. You can simply create an in-depth review of one product or do a compare and comparison review for similar products. If you want to take it further, you can do case studies on various products or services to provide closer details into whatever you are reviewing. Instructions on that can be found here:


One of the most engaging types of content you can create is infographics. An infographic is a visual-based content that presents text content with visual cues, helpful graphics, and enhanced typography. This makes this types of content easy to follow, consume, and understand. It also appeals to the instant gratification part of people’s brains because they can extra value out of it very quickly.

Because infographics are visually attractive, they tend to get passed around a lot. So if you put in the time to create an infographic that’s relevant, interesting and valuable to readers, you’ll tend to receive a lot of traffic from your efforts. Of course, you can always curate infographics from other content creators if you don’t have the time create your own. Here is a sampling of infographics to inspire you:


According to Hubspot, more social media users are starting to prefer video content over traditional content. Videos are valuable to many people that prefer watching and listening to content over reading it. It’s also a form of content that can be easily distributed to popular videos sites.

Another great thing about video content is that videos tend to rank well in the search engines. If you put in the effort of optimizing your videos (providing captioning, creating a great title, writing great descriptions, including relevant keywords, etc.), you’ll start to bring in traffic from Google as well as video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Podcast Blog

While creating a podcast may not be appropriate for every blogger, it can be a great way to keep your audience engaged and help others discover your blog. Many bloggers aren’t aware of why podcasts can really help promote their blog. They think that it’s simply content in an audio format.

In reality, this type of content works because new podcasts are updated instantly to subscribers. Many of the subscribers are also listening to your content while they’re driving or engaged in some other activity. As a result, you get the undivided attention of the listeners. There’s no radio commercials, competing videos, or sites that are a click away.

Resource Guides

People are always looking for helpful resource guides that get to the point. For example, a quick checklist of the things you need before going to the airport may help many first time travelers. It is especially helpful if these resource guides can be downloaded on to their computer via a PDF file.

Think about what your audience may want a resource guide for. It may be a list of camping gear they’ll need for their next outing, or a cheat sheet that helps them save time or money pertaining to their upcoming plans. These types of content always tend to attract traffic because people always refer others to them.

Google My Business

Although articles posted to Google My Business don’t go on your blog, these are essential posts for making sure your business blog gets the traffic you’re looking for, and if you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Google My Business posts are the most efficient way to tell your target audience about new locations, special promotions, new products, etc. GMB posts can include photos, videos, links, and up to 300 words of text, so make it compelling. That way when your business comes up in any of Google’s apps, people can see your posts and click right to your site.

This list is just a snippet of the content you can create to build and maintain a high traffic blog. Of course, this is far from the different types of content you can publish. The idea here is to keep your audience engaged by publishing different types of content. Don’t be afraid to experiment either. You’ll be surprised at how much better certain types of content perform over traditional content. If you have any more questions about creating content for your business, feel free to contact On The Verge Writing.



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