Freelance Writer or Writing Mill?

By Sylvia LeRahl | Blog

Sep 05

Your company’s success depends on several different factors: convenience, relevance, and price point among them. While these components should not be ignored, they overlook what may be the single-most important factor, however. Content. What you say to your customers or clients is of utmost importance when it comes to conversions. In other words, having the right content writer is imperative.

Words and images are the way to address your audience, the way to let them know about your services or products, and the way to keep them entertained and educated at the same time. This is a job for a professional content writer, someone who has experience with creative writing and can make your business more attractive. But how should you choose the best content writer for your business?

Prestigious Large Company or Individual Content Writer?

Many businesses choose large writing mills that they have heard of before or that offer smaller price points for each service. Instead of hiring a content writer, this may seem like the best solution. However, large firms must complete large quantities of work within small time periods. This leads to duplicated content and templates that will be applied to your site, as well as others.

Large firms can afford to be creative — but only with the right content writer — since they must perform on a larger scale. Therefore, they have created useful methods and techniques to use repeatedly, key phrases, elegant terms, and words that will appease customers in the short-term. Unfortunately, this makes for a cookie-cutter approach that leaves clients frustrated when they see the similarities between their content and that of other clients.

Alternately, a small boutique writing firm, such as On the Verge Writing, that has fewer freelance writers, can provide customized service unique to your needs. You’ll receive unique content written specifically in your preferred style. Being able to communicate with one experienced content writer will enable you to share your thoughts and ideas directly with the writer who will be working with you.

Smaller workloads lead to more careful writing, with no repetition or previously used techniques. Select an experienced and successful writer that will be there along the way.

On the Verge Writing has the same dreams and goals as you and will be right by your side for every project no matter how large or small. If you don’t like something, or you need an improvement, your freelance writer will be there to support your requests for revisions. Contact On the Verge Writing today to find out how to make your content turn to conversions.


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