E-book Writing

Consumer e-books are projected to generate nearly 20 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2018. They are forecast to account for approximately a quarter of global book sales, and their traction is only gaining speed. This tremendous marketing tool is fueling demand for professional eBook services.

Yet there is a good chance that you haven’t cashed in on this profitable PR tool just yet, however.

It doesn’t take an experienced professional, a literary genius, or a titan of industry to become a wildly successful author – but you do need original, creative, and grammatically correct content. Yet not everyone has the skills, time, or energy to draft one. That’s where On the Verge Writing eBook services comes in.

We know how to craft ebooks that educate your target audience, promote your products or services, and share your thoughts and knowledge with readers. We provide stellar eBook services that can be used to generate leads as a free or paid download. Our e-books can be a passive income on Amazon or another bookselling website. Or they can serve as a tool to escalate awareness of your brand through viral sales.

eBooks range from a few thousand words to hundreds of pages. Most likely, your eBook will fall somewhere in between. We’ll be happy to work with you to determine an appropriate length based on factors such as scope, intention, subject matter, and depth of research.

Any time you use our eBook services, you can expect: