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Oct 04

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The Internet Boom

With the advent of social media, the number of people using the internet for networking has skyrocketed. A model from Statista estimates that by 2020, more than 2.9 billion people will be active on social media. At present, that figure is roughly 2.4 billion people. That’s almost 35 percent of the world’s population! With that many users bustling around in online traffic, there’s a lot of viral content marketing opportunities to be had.

Welcome to the Digital Era.

The Rise of Viral Content Marketing

The term ‘viral’ doesn’t really have any fixed definition. After all, it’s a very recent phenomenon. TechTerms defines it as a video, image or article that’s achieved massive popularity in a short period of time. Ever see a social media video everyone’s sharing and talking about that turns out to be just another ubiquitous guy or gal like yourself? That’s what viral content looks like.

You probably want to create content like that.

Viral content marketing is great for business, after all. And with it comes fame and fortune (at least for a bit). A number of ‘internet personalities’ have sprouted up and made good cash all because they’re skilled at producing viral content.

For the hopeful, here are some useful tips.

Cashing In

Forbes recently interviewed well-known viral content creator Julius Dein. This guy went from a typical social media user to one of the most sought-after content creators on the internet. He’s become a master of viral content marketing in just a short time. Fortunately, he decided to share some of his secrets.

You don’t need to be a huge media company or have expensive resources on hand.

If you manage to pull it off, companies will start approaching you for sponsorship – you’ll become the hunted instead of the hunter and that feels good.

You’ll make money from ads on your content, and you’ll be a viral content marketing pro yourself. Let’s look at some of his tips and others that could help you on the path to viral content creation.

Be Yourself

One of Dein’s top tips was to simply be you. Don’t try to be a glitzy Hollywood star or act out of your element. People love content that’s humanized, that they can relate to. There’s a reason why reality shows boomed in popularity. People love shows filled with everyday experiences that hint at excitement, deception, lust, and greed. They also love stuff that provides practical help. For example, there are loads of viral YouTube videos out there which share simple life hacks. What “secret” tips can you share with the world?

Remember You’re Not in Hollywood

Content Marketing Cowboy

Don’t rush out there and buy the most expensive camera and a studio mic setup. Start with your smartphone. Simple to use and super convenient – two traits we love! People love user- made breaking news. See something big happening? Want to share your thoughts on recent events while doing your daily business? Pull out that smartphone and get to business.

Cut To the Chase

In an era of short attention spans, it’s important not to dawdle. The first few seconds of a video can make or break it. If a viewer’s interest isn’t piqued, they’ll just keep scrolling and find something else. If your content is going to have a big build up or instructions, then do some simple editing. Start the video with a short clip of the big ‘reveal’ or final results but be sure not to spoil everything. Once you have someone’s attention, they’ll want to see more and keep viewing.

Capitalize On Trends

Is organic food the latest craze? DIY home projects? Think about what everyone wants to see. This not only increases your chances of drawing views, but also sponsors as well. If you see a craze, capitalize on it. Know your limits and your skills and make content about what people want to hear.

Don’t Try To Please Everyone

Viral content marketing works a lot like any other type of marketing. Have a target demographic and stick to it. This allows you to draw a core fan base that you’ll then be able to grow upon. If you try to appeal to everyone, your content won’t have consistency. As a result, you’ll find it gets a lot harder to build your own brand and image. Brand recognition matters. Ensure that a year or two down the road, people can hear your name and associate it with a type of content.

Be Emotive

Laughing Copywriter

When you make your content, you can’t be a blank slate. You want to promote audience feedback and be interactive. Reach out to your viewers and try to stir up a conversation, even debate. If you can get a huge discussion rolling on an issue, that passion will draw a huge crowd. Express yourself in a sensible and grounded way to let people know how you feel and how much they can identify with and relate to your content.

Don’t Be Obvious

A big mistake a lot of viral content makers end up doing is they start making it obvious they’re selling a product. Their content gets plastered with logos, adverts and product placement like a race car driver uniform. This turns off your audience and can be extremely counterproductive.

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