The Keys to Writing Professional Blog Content for Your Business

By Sylvia LeRahl | Blog

Oct 31

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As more companies take their business online, many are starting to publish blogs on their website. The online blog post replaces former print newsletters and marketing fliers full of information.

Now, however, millions of blog posts are published by individuals and organizations around the world. That said, we all know that not everyone is a good writer.

Fortunately, there are several basic types of styles to utilize to improve your writing.

An article can be expository or narrative, persuasive or analytical, or even a hybrid of all. Companies who want to promote their business in this way should designate qualified writers to develop blog post content. Content then shares relevant information in an accessible manner. Of many writing styles, the following are especially common and effective to create conversions.

Try Out Expository Content

The root word of this writing approach is “expos-,” meaning to reveal or illuminate a particular concept. An organization might use this style of blog post to expound hypothetically about a what-if situation within the industry. Similar to an essay, which means to “try out” an idea, an expository approach examines a trend, a crisis, an event, or some other phenomenon to share the company’s perspective on relevant business issues pertaining primarily to the economy or company dealings.

Utilize the Narrative Style

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A narrative blogging style uses a first-person perspective or experience. A business writer could discuss a recent company transaction or a personal experience that helps to explain a current situation. The narrative mode follows a chronological or sequential order and makes a valid point by the end.

Write Persuasively  

One of the most commonly-used communication styles in the professional realm is the art of persuasion. Popular in advertising and marketing materials, the persuasive writing strategy seeks to inform and influence readers about a topic, person, product, or event. According to eCommerce CEO, 95% of our purchase decision occurs in the subconscious mind, which means persuasive copy is going to be essential to describe a product or service during a blog. Which means this is probably the most important writing style to utilize for your business.

Add a Few Analytical Posts Here and There  

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Some writers use an analytical approach for their business blog posts. Someone who is an expert in areas like manufacturing, finances, or management often has plenty of topics to write about, including those that will interest the public. The average shopper does not understand much about current business trends, financial forecasting, consumer interests, and concerns, and other topics, so the writer enlightens them.

Business blogs help to promote companies. Find your inner persuader by contacting On the Verge Writing today.


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