A Step By Step Guide To Influencer Marketing

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Aug 24
influencer marketing

With the creation of social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, people have turned away from traditional sources of influence and information. The masses turn to people who have been dubbed as “influencers.” An influencer is someone who has the ability to sway the purchasing decisions of a large group of people because of their perceived authority in some area. Here is a step by step guide to influencer marketing.

Find a Target Audience

The whole merit behind influencer marketing is predicated on the concept of a targeted audience. Before marketing to this selected group of people, companies must conduct market research to determine their ideal avatar. Target audiences should normally be comprised of a company’s ideal customer. ‘Ideal’ customer simply refers to a customer from the main target demographic for which a company serves or produces products for. Market research must then be conducted to find a larger group of ideal customers to be targeted.

Finding an Influencer

Once a target audience has been identified, efforts should turn to finding a pertinent influencer. While there are several people with influence, it is critical to find one that is relevant to the company’s particular niche. For example, Tiger Woods would be a poor influencer for Louisville Slugger, a well-known provider of baseball bats. Although Woods is an influencer, he is only relevant in the golf world. Companies should begin researching what influencers are relevant among their target audience. Who does this group of people listen to and take advice from? These are the kinds of questions to ask when searching for a relevant influencer.

Developing a Strategy for Influencer Marketing

After determining a target audience and a suitable influencer, its time to develop a strategy. Putting a relevant service or product in front of a targeted audience isn’t enough to make a conversion. As with all forms of advertising and marketing, there needs to be a relevant strategy. Influencers are there to help bridge the gap between a company and their target audience. They can’t make the sale for the company. That job still remains with the business.

Once You Have An Influencer…

After a business has chosen an influencer, there are a few things that must be done in order to keep the relationship with the influencer and the promotion of the products legal. The Federal Trade Commission has specific rules for companies working with influencers, and most of them relate to making sure that all paid endorsements are made clear and conspicuous. Help your influencers meet FTC compliance by making sure that all hashtags, disclosures, and other promotional content are done the right way.

Influencer marketing is becoming one of the most popular tools that businesses can use to effectively connect with a large audience of people. This marketing change is due in part to the different methods of entertainment that have developed with recent technological changes. With the power of influencer marketing, your business can reach members of its target audience that might have otherwise remained out of reach.


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