3 Tricks for Making Content People Will Want to Read

By Sylvia LeRahl | Blog

Mar 14

A lot of people want their content to stand out from the rest. Whether you own a blog or business that uses a variety of types of content to promote your product or service, mediocre should never be your goal. Content that gets read is rated higher by Google, which helps SEO, and it also helps your readers and gains their trust. But how, exactly, do you make content that people actually want to read? Here are three tips to help you create it.

Provoke an Emotional Response

You want to create content that emotionally resonates with a broad audience, but how do you do that? Research shows pride, love, achievement, man’s empathy, friendships, loneliness or memories perform best. Make sure your content stands out by using examples of relatable and specific situations that spark emotion. For instance, if you have a storefront, telling a story about an employee helping an elderly person bring their purchases out to their car or doing some other service that promotes a sense of friendship and empathy can engage readers on an emotional level.

Change Your Style

While writing, many people think about the message and information that they’re trying to convey, but this isn’t the only factor in what makes content engaging. The type of style that you use will depend on your readership and the concept, service, or product that you’re trying to promote. For example, some blog writing styles use the second person to engage readers and create the impression of having a conversation. There are many styles to choose from, but not all of them are easily usable on an online medium. For instance, blog posts are rarely written in the first person because it pulls the reader’s attention away from themselves and onto the speaker. This technique can also appear self-absorbed in the wrong context.

Find Fresh Topics

If you’ve read 27 listicles on a particular topic, you can’t merely make the 28th version and expect it to feel fresh. You need to take a new angle on a familiar topic, incorporate new resources, or talk about something that’s on the cutting edge. Brainstorm ideas and make a process for creating content. Case studies and thought leadership posts can also garner engaging, unique ideas. Fresh topics will make your blog feel relevant and worth reading.

If you’re looking for ways to make your content engaging, you’re on the right track to making a better blog. After all, blog posts are meant to inform and engage, not merely fill up a white page.

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