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Apr 02

4 Things Your Business Absolutely Needs to Maintain Great Online Presence

By Sylvia LeRahl | Blog

It is an absolute necessity in today’s business climate for small business owners to maintain a great presence online. An online presence will provide your small business with a greater level of credibility while causing your business to become much easier to find by potential customers.

It may seem a bit complicated to new business owners who wish to establish a solid presence online. However, there is no reason to fear the process. The following steps are available to all owners of small businesses who are interested in making their mark online.

A Blog

Business blogging is an essential tool for business owners who possess the desire to stand out from the crowd while maintaining their online presence. An exceptionally written blog post will keep your customers engaged and encourage them to share the post with others, according to Keap. This is a great way to build your customer base.

Some business owners feel it is difficult to find the time necessary to research and prepare well thought out blog entries. You should take some time each morning before the start of the business day and dedicate it to your blog. If this proves too much of a challenge, you may need to enlist the help of others to maintain this vital process. Pressive can help your blog posts provide insightful tips or encourage feedback or even incite action.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an excellent tool offered by Google to business owners free of charge. The tool will allow you to set up a profile for your business that includes the name of your business and general contact information. Customers will be able to better locate your business through Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic search results.

Your business information will appear whenever someone searches specifically for your business or your business type in three separate locations: The Google sidebar, Google Maps, and local results. Because of this, you should be sure to claim your Google My Business listing and make sure all pertinent data is added accurately to the profile.

Another great benefit of Google My Business is it provides a central location for customers to leave reviews of your business and access the views of past customers. While it may seem tedious it is highly important to pay close attention to the reviews you receive. According to Podium, the vast majority of people, 84 percent to be exact, trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.  

Social Media

If you decide to only use one social media platform to gain exposure for your business, it would probably be a good idea to choose Facebook. The platform is used by 1.5 billion people across the planet and is by far the most popular social media platform.

Market research further demonstrates many Facebook users are decision makers for their households and use social media to procure a number of products and services.

Another benefit of Facebook is the targeted advertising offered by the platform. It is both inexpensive and effective. You should be creative with your use of Facebook for your business. You can use the platform to share news regarding your company, remind customers of seasonal services, advertise offers from your company, and share your company culture with those who interact with your company Facebook page.

Instagram and Twitter are natural places to expand once you are ready to increase your exposure on social media platforms. You should remember consistency is key when it comes to social media interaction. So, be sure to set up a schedule of posts that you will be able to maintain.

A Company Website

A company website is the home base online for your business and in many ways is just as important as your physical location. Potential customers will expect to find your company website online if they hear about your business by some other means.

Your website should be simple and convenient to use while answering the common questions potential customers are likely to have says Dogulin Digital. Your website should also provide a quick and effective way for customers to connect with your products or services.

More than likely, the information you need to provide the material for your website is in your head or written down somewhere. If you do not already have a website, invest the time needed to organize the information into content that can be exhibited on your new website.

There are a number of free website platforms available for business owners who are not ready for advanced website solutions. There are also more advanced platforms for business owners with a little more skill in regard to web design.

Today’s competitive business climate makes it an absolute necessity for business owners to maintain a strong presence online. The four tips above are simple to use methods any business owner can use to increase their online presence.